Components of an Awesome Company Brochure

Developing a company brochure gives you the opportunity to provide more detail on the products and services that your company provides. It is more detailed than a business card or flier and gives instantaneous information to potential customers. A brochure provides a great avenue to immediately capture the attention of your potential customers while working as a great marketing tool to promote your brand identity. A key benefit of a company brochure is its immediate availability. A potential customer may at some point visit your website, or may email or give you a call for more information, but the brochure is immediately available and can eventually lead to your potential customers exploring your other marketing tools. Here are some key elements to an awesome company brochure that we recommend.

An awesome attention grabbing cover

Your brochure cover is your first chance at grabbing your potential customers’ attention and can also determine whether or not the customer will open the brochure to seek more information about your business. Aside from being attractive and eye catching, the cover of your brochure should also have high level key information. Ask yourself, “If my potential customers never open this brochure, do they know key information about my business?” Key elements to include on the cover of your brochure is company contact information such as email, phone, and address and a very brief description or tagline of what your company offers.

If you feel like you can accomplish this through the imagery on the brochure, then that is a great avenue as well. In the example of owning a bakery, the best imagery to include on the cover of the company brochure would be their most delectable and attractive desserts. Any potential customer can know before even opening the brochure what the business has to offer. In this case, a description may not be needed on the cover. Also, remember that people have short attention spans. Try not to include information on the cover that will take more than a few moments to read and digest.

Cohesive Theme

Make sure that the color schemes on your brochure match your brand identity, as we discussed in a previous post. In this case, your color palette and font identified in your style guide will be especially important. Our team at AMW Site Designs can help you come up with an overall theme for your brochure that is in line with your brand identity. Also, pick a good quality card stock that is line with how you would like your business to be represented. A woodworking shop may go for a more cardboard like look and feel while a wedding planner may go for a glossier card stock to print brochures on. These are small but important details that contribute to the overall look and feel of your brochure.

Compelling Imagery and Content

Here is where the direction of a marketing professional will come in handy. Remember that you are working with a limited amount of space in the brochure as well as a limited amount of time to capture your customers’ attention. There may be certain attention grabbing words that should be in a bigger font, a different color, or both. The content in the brochure is where you can really get into what your business is about, but remember to continue to keep it high level. Consider the following elements to include in your brochure: Note that this content can be adjusted as needed to fit your needs.

  • A brief “About Us” section. Use this important opportunity to provide an overview of your business and describe why your potential clients should choose you
  • A compelling statement that describes what your business offers such as, “Quality European Desserts with an American Feel”. This can also be posed as a question such as “Ready to Change your Life?”
  • A high-level description of your products and services and what makes them unique
  • High-quality image(s). Be sure to pick this carefully and make sure that it is cohesive with your content. We recommend no more than 1 or 2 be included in your brochure
  • Company strategy and vision. A company vision statement is an easy way to let your customers know about your company values
  • A compelling but brief testimonial. Include a glowing review from a satisfied customer to increase your credibility

Having all of the right elements for a company brochure will give you a great, on the spot marketing tool that can lead to many potential business opportunities. For more information on developing a company brochure, check out our Brochure and Flyer Design service.

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