Components of an Awesome Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is quickly becoming one of the key methods for reaching out to your customers. Without having to plan an event of direct people to your website, you are able to provide both potential and existing customers a snapshot of what is currently going on with your business whether it be a current promotion, the hiring of a new employee, or  a preview of a new product or service that you will be offering in the future. An email newsletter also gives you the opportunity to connect with your customer base outside of social media and provides a great way to target individuals who under-utilize social media or in some cases, do not use it at all.  Here are some key elements to an email newsletter that we recommend for ultimate engagement with your customers.

Theme, Title and Imagery

Before formulating your email newsletter, you should always have a surrounding theme that your email newsletter will be built around. This can be based on a popular topic amongst your customers, themes surrounding an upcoming season or holiday, or a predetermined theme that ties in with your current social media marketing strategy. Your determined theme will help decide your imagery and titles for your newsletter.

When deciding whether or not to open an email, users typically look at the titles to see if it is something they would like to open and engage in. This is where knowing your audience is key. If you are running a Foodie blog and website and you know that restaurant week is coming up, an eye-catching title could be “May Newsletter: Your Complete Guide to Restaurant Week”. The title will entice the recipient to open the newsletter and read more. In the example from a previous AMW Site Designs Newsletter, notice the use of our logo and theme of the month “Improve your SEO (Seizing Excellent Opportunities)”.

Cohesive Theme and Branding

As with all other aspects of your branding strategy, make sure that your email newsletter fits in with your overall brand theme. Consider making a special template, or image(s) especially for your email newsletter that has a different look and feel but still matches your brand identity.

Also evaluate a content theme in addition to your visual theme. This can be in line with your predetermined theme of the month or it can focus on a specific topic based on customer interest or your expertise. Either way, having a focused subject matter for your email newsletter will present a cohesive and focused message. In the below example of one of our newsletters, notice that the overall theme “SEO (Seizing Excellent Opportunities” is reflected in the email subject line, the top of the newsletter and in the article contents presented. However, it also reflects our overall theme of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Suggested Content Ideas and other Characteristics

Once you have your template, theme, now comes the most important part of coming up with the content. Whether you are full of ideas or would like some consultation from a marketing professional, there are several ways to present informative and engaging content.

Here are a few tips that can help you when formulating your ideas, format, and template

  • Keep it short and sweet. If you want readers to really engage in your content, allow them to spend the least amount of time possible while getting the most out of it.
  • Switch up your content often. Take advantage of holidays or other current events to keep your content fresh
  • Make sure it is mobile ready, a key element to a user-friendly email newsletter. This is very important nowadays where email is mostly viewed on mobile devices and tablets

Here are some popular elements that you can consider as content ideas for your newsletter

  • A letter or quick note to your customers
  • Short self-written articles or even interesting related articles from other sources
  • Promotions
  • Client Spotlights
  • Highlights of your existing blog posts
  • Links to your social media pages and website
  • Upcoming events for yourself or even other businesses that you partner with
  • Customer testimonials
  • A quick overview of your company for first time readers

An email newsletter is one of many ways that you can further engage with both potential and existing customers. Our team at AMW Site Designs can assist in areas that you may need guidance such as coming up with a theme, content and some marketing strategies on how to best engage with your customer.

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