We offer the following digital marketing consulting services for your business billed at $50/hour.

You can pick and choose the level of help needed for your business on a variety of topics including; brand and messaging, social media marketing, email marketing and more. Our different consulting levels include the Consult Level, The Collaborate level, and the Manage level, each which have varying degrees of involvement that you can choose based on your business needs and budget.

The One Hour Digital Consulting Call allows for quick one-time advice, where we can discuss anything under the sun, your choice. If you want some additional guidance, you may utilize on of our more robust consulting options:

The Consult level (5 hour/month) includes enough hours for us to talk about your marketing goals and discuss a strategy on how to achieve them at a high level.

The Collaborate level (10 hours/month) includes discussion of goals, strategy on achieving them and design of templates you can use to hit the ground running.

The Manage level (15 hours/month) allows us enough time to work on your goals, design content and track the success of your marketing strategy over time. We will be on hand to guide you as you implement your marketing strategy.

Not sure which one to pick? We can provide suggestions on the package that will work best for you and your business needs. Contact us for additional details.


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  • Brand and Messaging Consulting

    Do you have a company name but have yet to figure out a tagline? Are you unclear on what type of messaging you should convey in your collateral to highlight your strengths or need help communicating what makes your business stand out from competitors that are selling the same product or service? We can help with brainstorming taglines that work best for your company, identifying company messaging, colors and fonts for your flyers, business cards and brochures. Receive guidance on how to implement a cohesive branding strategy with this consultation service.

  • Social Media Marketing Consulting

    Are you interested in creating a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram for your business? How about learning how and what to post on these pages to gain additional followers, website visitors and customers? We can set up and design these pages for you as well as provide extensive training on how to use these sites to market your business. You can decide if you need help with just getting started or would like a 3, 6 or 12-month plan on how to grow your engagement and following.

  • Email Marketing Consulting

    Email marketing often gets forgotten and lost behind all the talk of social media, SEO and reputation management. But email marketing for businesses is more important than ever. According to ExactTarget, 50% of online users bought something as a result of an email which is higher than any other marketing channel. We can help setup your email marketing account, create customized templates you can use to engage your mailing list and train you on the best strategies to engage your target market. We’ll also help you transfer your current email client contacts to your new system and create customized lists or segments to sort them by. 3, 6 and 12-month plans are available for this service that help you determine what kind of content to distribute based on your  target audience and how to grow your email lists in the long run.

  • Building Search Rankings Consulting

    AMW Site Designs provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice and strategies to make your website stand out on Google and other search engines. Whether we do a complete website analysis or implement SEO practices in your website we’ll be sure to give you improved results. We are able to review your site’s content and structure including meta tags and give technical advice on website development that can optimize your SEO impact. This includes, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript, content development, management of online business development campaigns and keyword research. We’ll provide a comprehensive report of our findings and then help you fix and implement best practice strategies.

  • Public Relations Consulting

    We’re no PR firm, but we do know strategies on how to get you featured in your favorite magazine, news site or radio show. We’ll work one on one with you to discuss where you’d like to be featured and what will be the best story to pitch. We’ll help build a reputable list of media contacts and work with you until you get the publicity you’ve been looking for.

  • Website Development Consulting

    When building a website, it’s so important to pick a platform that’s easy to use, implement SEO best practices and have a hosting provider that is able to support the site and keeps costs low. This consulting service goes over the best website builders and provides training on how to use them. It also includes discussion on choosing a hosting provider, maintaining a site and web design best practices.

  • One Hour Digital Consulting Call

    For quick questions, guidance, or advice, our one-hour Digital Consulting Call will be a good time to get some high-level expert marketing advice. On this one on one call, we can map out your specific goals and create an action plan for you. You can also use this time to get an idea of where to get started with digital marketing for your business, the best and most effective use of your budget, or ideas on revamping an existing campaign You can even just use this time to pick my brain if you would like.

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