How to Identify and Cater to Your Ideal Customer

A key part of the success of your marketing strategy is the ability to market to your customer. Instead of taking a broader approach by targeting a large group and hoping for the best, it is actually more effective to focus your resources on marketing to your ideal customer. Taking the steps to identify your customer not only gives you the right exposure to a group of people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service, it also gives you the ability to choose your customer in addition to them choosing you.

Identify Your Customer Persona

This is the most important part of this process. Viewing your customer as a person with needs, wants, challenges, and interests is key to understanding how to market to that customer. The needs are going to be inherently different between single mothers and young professionals just getting out of school.  For young professionals, you can make the assumption that they are just starting off their career, and that they may be working with a lower level of income than customers in their mid to late thirties.  This can also be further broken down to identify the needs of each gender in the peer group to develop a deeper understanding of your target customer.

Determine their needs, wants, and challenges

Your initial persona evaluation will begin to reveal a lot about your target customer. Many young professionals recently out of college have a roommate or still live with their parents to save on costs, may have some student loan debt that they need to work into their budget, and also may still be in the mindset where they are not quite ready to pay top dollar for some products or services. With this group, you can also determine that they likely are not going to pick up a newspaper and instead get their news headlines online, so you would not waste resources with that advertising avenue. They however, have instant access to social media and are more likely to buy a Groupon for a discount. At this point you understand how to advertise to this customer, have an idea of a price range that will attract that group, and also have a good idea on how to access and communicate with them.

Identify how you can appeal to your identified customer persona based off of your research

Once you understand the challenges and needs of your ideal customer, you can now identify how you can appeal to them and meet the needs specific to their peer group. In the example of targeting young professionals, the marketing angle for a financial planner will be based on building a budget, managing student loans, and early investing as opposed to retirement planning. Advertising for this business will likely be on Facebook or Groupon as opposed to the local newspaper.

Planning events around the identified interests of your peer group will play a big part in attracting these customers to your product or service. If you find in your persona research that your ideal customer likes to go to Happy Hour in the city, then you should target those types of venues for your events. A busy working mom may prefer a Saturday afternoon at a venue near home when the kids are off school and they have had time to secure a babysitter. These details matter when catering to the needs of your customers.

The 2017 Marketing Plan Guide created by our team at AMW Site Designs goes into even more detail for you to identify and cater to your ideal customer such as constructing a “day in the life” that unveils their daily habits and interests, creating a content strategy, and other ways to conduct research to better get to know your customer. Request a free copy today at