How to Take a Relaxed and Productive Approach to Your Business During the Summer

Summertime is associated with taking vacations, going to the beach, and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Kids are out of school and people trade in boots for sandals and sweaters for tank tops. While taking a month off to relax on an exotic vacation may not be feasible for you, there are still ways you can relax during the Summer while still staying on track with running your business. Here are some ways to take a more relaxed approach to running your business during the Summer while still staying productive.

Take Quick but Effective Getaways

Several studies show that vacations are essential to a productivity and a positive mindset. In order to remain at your best, you must take time to relax and recharge. You don’t have to plan a 7-day trip Hawaii to truly take a vacation. Instead of one big get away, consider taking a few weekend trips throughout the summer.  You will still have the chance to disconnect, but for a shorter period time and in a way that is less impactful to the day to day operations of your business. It will also allow you to take a break without having to return with the overwhelming feeling of coming back after being gone for a long period of time.

Take a Working Vacation

If you find that you realistically do not have the time to go on a vacation and completely disconnect, even for a short period of time, then you still have options! Consider a “working vacation” in which you will still be available and productive but  in a more relaxed atmosphere. Arrange with your clients to take your meetings remotely for a few days and use this time to relax, catchup on work, and even come up with some new business ideas.  This can mean doing a staycation at a hotel in your own city, or booking a getaway on a beach with a Wi-Fi connection. Not only does this help with a change of scenery, it also helps you relax after work hours. Having a drink by the hotel pool is a different after work activity than catching up on laundry or running errands. Who knows? Your next big idea may come from laying on the beach with your laptop while sipping on a tropical smoothie.

Meet with Your Customers in a Relaxed Atmosphere

It is always nice to switch up your routine for the Summer in ways that your client can appreciate. If you normally take meetings in an office space, suggest a more relaxed atmosphere for one of your client meetings such as a morning meeting at a local coffee shop, or at a park bench by a lake.  This can apply to many different scenarios such as an outdoor workout at the park for a fitness studio owner or a mediation session by the beach.

Do Summer Themed Events

Summer is also a great time to engage with both your existing clients and potential customers by doing fun summertime themed activities. Make your events less formal and instead plan activities like afternoon happy hours, a scavenger hunt in the city that fits your business theme, or an ice cream social to give people a chance to come out and get to know more about the products and services that you offer. Use the beautiful weather to your advantage to provide a change in scenery for your promotional events.

Take a More Relaxed Approach to Your Working Space

How and where you work has a huge impact on your mindset. Consider a refresh of your work space to match your summertime mood. Many entrepreneurs have a home office space that already feels like home. Consider changing the scenery by setting up a work space on your balcony or in your back yard. You will still be in your comfort zone, while still having the ability to be productive.

If you are running your business in a more formal atmosphere with set business hours, consider a summer casual dress code where appropriate. It can also be a good idea to experiment with summer hours, such as closing a few hours early every third Friday to give yourself a chance to take a few hours off.

As a busy entrepreneur, it can be difficult at times to take a well-deserved break. No matter how busy your schedule, remember the importance of taking time to yourself. This is invaluable to the long-term success of your business.