Strategies to Optimize SEO for Your Mobile Website

Optimizing SEO is key to attracting internet traffic to your website. But how much thought have you given to utilizing your mobile website as a strategy to build upon this even more?  The focus of mobile SEO is to make sure that your website is as optimal as possible for mobile use through user friendly design, ease of accessibility, and optimal performance. More and more people are primarily using mobile devices such as tablets and phones as their primary method to access websites. This means that majority of your searches are likely to come from a mobile device, making SEO Optimization especially important when it comes to your mobile website being accessible and user friendly.  Mobile friendliness of websites will soon become a bigger factor in how websites rank in Google and other popular search engines. Here are some ways to optimize SEO on mobile platforms and to give your small business a better chance at ranking higher in search engine results.

Focus on Navigation and Ease of Use

If you were shopping for shoes online with a major retailer, how likely are you to continue using the website if it is not mobile friendly, even if it were one of your favorite stores? You would probably quickly give up if the website was too difficult to use on a mobile device. Being that we are in a time where many of the activities in our daily lives revolve around our phones, mobile optimization should not be an afterthought and rather a main focus when developing a website. If your website is not mobile user friendly you could risk losing a higher ranking to a website that is. You can start by choosing a mobile design that works best for you. Responsive Web Design is a good choice for starters because it automatically adjusts to the device currently being used to view the website. Here are some other things to consider to make your website mobile friendly.

  • Fast and easy loading
  • Concise yet effective content
  • Minimal need for the viewer to expand or minimize images and text
  • Basic, easy to navigate layout

Figure Out What Works Best for Mobile

There was a time not too long ago when people primarily accessed websites from their computer, but now there is much more to consider when it comes to determining what makes a website accessible to a larger number of people. When figuring out the design that works best for your mobile website, you may need to consider features that need to be adjusted for the sake of a positive user experience.

  • Minimize popups where possible
  • Consider “mobile friendly” key terms and incorporate them in your SEO optimization strategy
  • Consider how flash, video, and images translate to your mobile site and make adjustments as needed

Use Tools to Know Where You Stand

In order to know where you are going, you need to take a current assessment of how well received your mobile website is in search engines. There are many tools out there that allow you to check the responsiveness, access to Google, and other factors that you can improve on to optimize your mobile website. Here are two of the several tools out there that can help with this

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

This test is very straight forward and a good initial test to see if your mobile website is favorable for Google searches. All you need to do is go to and type in the URL of your website.  You will instantly receive feedback on whether or not your website is mobile user friendly. Here is an example of how the popular website Amazon measures up to this tool.

This is a great tool that not only provides an overview of the mobile friendly status of your website, it also provides specific areas of improvement that can improve your SEO ranking. Now that you are able to clearly see areas for improvement, it’s time to get to work. If you are utilizing a web developer, you now have a clear path forward on improvements that need to be made to optimize your mobile website. Here is an example of the statistics you will see by simply entering your URL.

Image Courtesy of

With the combination of a well-designed desktop website and mobile friendly optimized site, you have an even greater chance of optimizing the SEO for your business website. Want to learn more about making your website more user friendly? Contact us and we will be happy to provide expert guidance on next steps towards mobile SEO Optimization.