Are you a DIYer that likes to market yourself but still needs the training to do so?

If so, our training packages are just for you. In this one-hour live, webinar format training session, you will be able to learn best practices on email, social media, receive advice on becoming an industry expert, and ask any questions you might have. You can also get insight on some tools that you can use to automate your marketing strategy. This dedicated session is all about you and you’ll be left with the tools and resources you need to empower your marketing efforts. All trainings are billed at $50 per session.


  • Email Marketing Training

    Email marketing is critical for businesses to sell more and provides the best ROI out of all digital marketing tactics. This live training will go through the basics of using Mailchimp or the email client of the client’s choice. Skill sets covered during this training session includes how to upload contacts into the system and how to design and send an email.

  • Social Media Marketing Training – 3 platforms

    This live training will go over how to best market on three social media platforms of the client’s choice, provide templates for monthly posting and online resources to schedule posts and design graphics.

  • Advanced Email Marketing Training

    This live training takes email marketing to the next level. It goes over how to capture more leads, nurture them to the point where they turn into sales, and creating an email series with automation utilizing Mailchimp.

  • Industry Expert Digital Marketing Training

    Becoming an industry expert doesn’t just happen by chance for most people, it requires consistent posting, a focused message and promotion. This live training will go over how to do this effectively through digital marketing with minimal spend on ads.

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